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Today’s article will explain the most important features of the delivery system from F Soft

The system has three interfaces with many interfaces, including offers, news, and discounts, which reach the customer via alerts. The customer can order everything he needs from the store in all sections with one request, after which the request reaches the system administrator or the responsible for the orders, which in turn works to complete the dispatch of the order to the specified store to process the order.

Also, transfer the order to the delivery agent of the area closest to the customer, the customer can track the order until it arrives.


  • High speed download.
  • Full control of its variables via the control panel.
  • Multiple users in Control Panel.
  • Multiple stores and control.
  • Multiple areas and control.
  • Multiple products by store and department.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Easy to use client application.
  • Automatic notifications to the customer as offers and news.
  • Automatic notifications to the delivery agent in case of transferring a request to him.
  • Dealing with Google Maps in the customer’s location and also the reach area.
  • It contains promotional codes and discounts.

Services provided:-

Installing and setting up the control panel after booking the domain and the server in the hosting site.

Database Preparation: –

  • Install applications (client and driver) on the Google Store.After paying the subscription in the Google Store.
  • Training in setting up and using the control panel and applications.

Warranty & Maintenance -:

The Company guarantees the site and its applications against all software problems for a period of one year from the date of the contract within the agreed total price of the system. It also provides technical support after the warranty period of the site at a mutually agreed value.

Training -:

The company provides training on the site and applications for a period of 15 days fifteen days for a total of 45 hours as well as the provision of video materials (video) for how to work and manage the site and training through any program.

payment system:-

The cost of the design of the site shall be paid as follows:

  • 50% down payment upon signing the contract
  • 25% when installing the site on the server and applications on the Google Store.
  • 25% upon handover. And applications

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