Speed up the net for the computer at maximum speed without software

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speed up internet-Fsoft

Do you want to speed up the net for the computer without software? Do you want Internet acceleration code on your computer? Tired of weak or non-existent internet speed? Not all of this and more will be solved in this article on the Fsoft software development site. Certainly before you came here I searched for the best acceleration program but did not find a program that suffices the purpose, so I liked to give you today the right way to accelerate the net without software.

Speed up the net for the computer

Unfortunately, there is a widespread lie on the Internet, which is Internet acceleration software. At first, I would like to show you that you will not get a higher speed than the speed of your subscription and do not hear anyone say otherwise. That is, if you are a subscriber of XXX company in the offer of Mega Plus 15 megabytes and you want to speed up the Internet in the belief that it will get to 20 for example or a little less, I would like to tell you impossible and no matter how you will not find this thing, but what is meant to speed up the Internet is the arrival of incomplete speed Of your subscription and want to deliver it in full.

Well … Since there is nothing called programs to increase the speed of the net What will I offer you? What I will explain in today’s article is very simply two of the most popular ways to speed up the Internet Windows 7, 8, 10 and the rest of the different operating systems are changing DNS servers and the second way is to take full advantage of the speed of your subscription and all the methods described before the explanation to increase the credibility in the work.

Internet acceleration code

At the beginning it is not as code in its meaning, but it is a special Ip DNS servers whose task is to deliver the full speed and increase the speed of browsing on your computer. All you have to do is simply follow what I will tell you in this simple step-by-step article. Speed up the net without software images is what you will see now.

First: click on the Wi-Fi or Internet tab next to the watch with the right mouse button and select the option “Open Network and Sharing Center” as in the following picture.

speed up internet - fsoft

Second: click on the option “Change adapter settings” to complete the change.

sped up net -Fsoft

Third: Search for the network that you have already connected or are already working, and then click on the right mouse button and choose properties as the following picture.speed up net 3 -fsoft

Fourthly: you will find “Protocol Version 4”, select it and press properties again.

speed up net 4 -Fsoft

Fifth: The last step is to enter the Google DNS servers, namely:

Then press OK.

speed up net 5 -fsoft


Speed Up the Net for Windows 7, 8, 10

The second step is to get full Internet speed and make your computer benefit from full speed through the following options so what you need to do is to do these tasks as described in the article.

First, open the Run menu using the two buttons “Windows + R”. A window will open, type gpedit.msc and press Ok.

Second: Head to a large list of them choose Administrative Templates, including Network.

Third: In the new menu, look for the Qos packet Scheduler option.

Fourth: You will be redirected to a new list, select Limit Reservable bandwidth and then activated and make sure that the existing number is 0 and then save.

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