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May come to mind why so many who own companies and real estate offices need to design a real estate site ?!

Well, the owners of companies and real estate offices resort to designing real estate websites for easy communication between customers and owners of companies. When promoting and making real estate ads, it needs to spend a lot of money and target specific people.

Profit by marketing and advertising sites:

Building real estate sites saves you a lot of time and money, and brings you more customers through the ads on the site.

It also enables you to control the display of places and properties you want to display, and to create appropriate sections and pages; They are the sites and displayed in the place you want easily. And determine its presence by Google Maps.

It also allows you to know the number of clients that visit the site, so that you can advertise the office or company faster and more than advertising that needs a high budget.

The site also provides you with the opportunity to view real estate whether it is for rent or for sale.

As well as real estate sites contain places, and free spaces that enable you to earn through automatic or optional ads from Google Adsense, and profit from them also by taking a percentage of advertisers, and maintaining the lead in search engines to ensure that many people enter the site who are searching for and buying real estate Or they want to take it for rent.

The ability to control the site sections:

And also you can control the site and sections, make new sections and contents, respond to questions, inquiries and prices faster and competitor to other real estate sites that operate in the same field of your company, and also allows you to top it up to ensure rapid deployment and targeting groups of people more; This also gives the work of the site confidence and credibility to customers.

You can also download the latest news, offers, and requests first-hand, in addition to making an application in the name of the company, or the site works on Android or Apple for easy control as well.

All these distinguished services help you to compete with major companies in your field.

Features of real estate sites:

  • A drop-down search menu at the top of the site enables you to easily find the things you want to buy or sell, whether they are for sale or for rent.
  • Quick and easy response to messages from customers directly and respond to all their inquiries.
  • There is an easy to use control panel; To constantly display all real estate, requests and offers.
  • The possibility of large empty spaces and also exploiting them to display ads of other companies from Google and profit from them through automatic ads for sites.
  • High competition for other companies working in the same field as your company and exporting in search engines to ensure a lot of people enter and bring them to your site
  • The ability to create many new departments to present projects and real estate units.
  • Knowing the opinions of people visiting your site by making comments on real estate units and projects to give the site credibility and confidence.
  • Knowing the offers and features directly from the site without making contact each time to follow up on offers.
  • Save time and a lot of money that was spent on making advertisements and publicity for the company where you can dispense with it.
  • The site can be compatible with all devices such as computers, smart devices, and others.
  • Manage and control the site and download offers from anywhere, at any time.
  • You can make a special section on prices, number of rooms, floors, and features of the place when viewing apartments and housing on the site.
  • The possibility of geographical division of places or governorates and cities.
  • Ability to upload photos of real estate and videos without being restricted to a specific size or size of the videos.
  • The website also allows you to create and map; For ease of finding the company’s headquarters to communicate with.
  • The ability to put semantic words to archive topics and offers to be issued and to contribute to the rapid spread of the site.

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